Zurich, Switzerland

So far Zurich has been the best destination to fly over…. So stunning seeing all of the snowy mountains from 34,000ft above! As soon as we stepped off the plane I felt the cold hit my face….absolutely FREEZING! I have never felt anything as cold in my life… NZ winter is cold but it never get into the negatives. Even going up the mountains back home to go skiing it doesn’t feel as cold! Went to the city centre with a few of the crew and just got lost in the streets. So pretty this time of the year with Christmas lights and Christmas trees everywhere you look. We had dinner at this little bar/restaurant called The Lion pub then after we walked towards the lake. Went to a place called Cafe Felix for a hot chocolate and to defrost our bodies then headed back through the city. I wish I had more time spent here I wanna come back and go snowboarding in the Alps!
Skyped my parents this morning…my whole family are coming to Dubai in a month then were all going to Seychelles for a vacation, SO exited! I haven’t seen my brother in about and year and half! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!
Bye bye Switzerland xxxx










Sydney….back to the beautiful Australia

Couldn’t be more exited when I saw Sydney was on my roster! And that I got to stay there for 3 days 🙂 my boyfriend came to stay with me too so it made it all the more better.
I’ve been to Sydney before so I mainly just chilled out, went out for dinner, caught up with friends and spent time with my boy. Went to Bondi in the morning and had a good Aussie cooked breakfast on the beach then went shopping. It was so good to stock up on my favourite foods too! Chocolate chip cookies from Coles are definitely the best on earth. Also Sanitarium granola clusters cereal the vanilla almond flavour is amazingly good and then finally Horley’s banana caramel protein bars………HEAVEN.
Extremely sad to go back home afterwards since Sydney reminded me a lot of home and had to leave Dan yet again… It was a sad flight back 😦










Frankfurt, Germany

LOVE LOVE LOVE being in Europe during the Christmas season! It was freeeeezing cold here, by far the coldest place I’ve been so far.
Myself and one other new crew member got the Metro into the city to have a look round.. Saw the cathedral, had a bratwurst sausage, watched some buskers in the street then headed back.My nose was so cold by the end of our little journey so when we got back to the hotel the heat was heaven on my face! We went out to dinner with most of the crew at the hotel the headed to bed. I literally had 2 glasses of wine the. When I got back to my room I felt so drunk! You don’t realise that when you fly the alcohol hits you a lot harder… So be careful haha. Next day was a room service and stay in bed kind of day. It was my last day of being 21 so I was a little sad as I want to be 21 forever so I just skyped my mum and slept haha. We were delayed on our flight home so I turned 22 in the air over the Middle East!






Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was crazy! Literally got off the flight and went straight out with a bunch of people from the crew… We went to khaosan road where there is heaps of street food and bars.. Everyone has told me you have to try the street food because is so cheap and amazing but HELL NO. Don’t get me wrong I love food and I eat most stuff except Chinese food I don’t eat that, but the street food looked so unhygienic like chicken and all sorts of meat had been sitting in the heat with flys around it for god knows how long… I couldn’t stomach that eeeuuughhhhh yuck! I had a red curry from a restaurant though and it was pretty darn good! There were people everywhere selling deep fried scorpions on sticks and this guy that was with us ate one omg it was sick… I could hear it crunching in his teeth!!! We went to a bunch of different clubs and bars, got driven around on a Tuk Tuk all night…the most dangerous form of transport ever but so fun! They seat about 3 people and we had 6 of us crammed in it! They don’t even care…they load them up like no tomorrow!
Checked myself into a day spa the next day and had a 1.5hour Swiss massage then had a pedicure and manicure….it was heaven and I truly needed it!







Vienna, Austria

Vienna is absolutely beautiful.. I’ve been flying for pretty much three months now and I’ve had the opportunity to be in Vienna three times! It’s winter there now and so Christmassy!
I didn’t do much site seeing just got lost in the streets and got a feel for Europe… It truly is stunning.
If you ever go there you HAVE to go to this little cafe at the bottom of The Opera house for breakfast, I ordered these little mini pancake things covered in icing sugar with plum strudel…..so good!
3rd time I went one of my best friends from Dubai, Alex, the one I mentioned during he interview process that I met in Perth! Very lucky I know, it’s not often you get put on a flight with a friend since there are so many people in the company…so I was over the moon!













First layover and the big man from above has blessed me with LONDON! So happy 🙂
The flight was amazing, once again had a great crew to work with so that makes it all the more better 🙂 the hotel is beautiful… A little far from the city centre but the underground is so close and so easy to use to get everywhere. I had 4 of my batch mates here in London with me so we went exploring to all the must see’s of this wonderful place. The underground is my new best friend….don’t think we could get everywhere so quickly If it wasn’t for that haha. I’m a Harry potter freak hence all the HP related photos if you can’t tell.
Pictures tell a story a lot better than I can so take a look xxx












Whirlwind of a new life

Where do I start!!
Sorry it’s taken me so so long to post.. The last few weeks have been ridiculously hectic!! I moved into my apartment, which is lovely, only downside is that my room is the size of a shoebox… My roommate has decorated the place so nice and it already feels like a home, not an empty room 🙂
We haven’t got wifi yet so that’s been the most frustrating thing trying to get it sorted out when my schedule is all over the place. The staff at Starbucks across the road know my name now since I’m probably the most frequent customer haha… Not going for the coffee but the wifi! It’s the best I can get got now..
I’ve finished training college and it’s so weird not getting up everyday at 5am… I honestly don’t know what to do with my days off other than lay by the pool and eat. I feel like I still need a timetable or someone to tell me what I’m meant to be doing everyday! It’s been so long since I have the days to myself! I definitely miss being able to see all my batch mates everyday! However at the same time I am LOVING it! I honestly am living the dream…so so grateful to be here. Everyday I am doing something I’ve never done, seeing somewhere I’ve never seen or meeting someone I’ve never met. I love it! Since I’ve finished training I have been doing a lot of celebrating… Boat cruises, nightclubbing, beach days, pool days, out to dinners. I need to slow down and tell myself I’m not on constant holiday haha.
Had my first flight to Hyderabad in India, it was really good, had a great crew…my girlfriend Katrine was with me and everyone was so nice! The flight was non stop service pretty much there and back but it made the time go so fast! This month I am also going to London, Vienna twice and 3 more turnaround flights 😝😝
The most exiting job in the world xx










Red hats baby!!!!

Almost finished my 1st and final week of GMT (general medical training) exam is tomorrow and I cannot wait for it to be over! No more stressing and staying up late studying! I have learnt how to deliver a baby, give CPR, treat a heart attack and so many other things….I am ready to take on the world…just let me pass this exam 1st!
Also today we picked up our uniforms 😀 😀 soooooooo happy! The hat is beautiful I can’t wait to start wearing it. I am still in the hotel, the reception here has told us that we are booked to move out this weekend but we still haven’t heard anything about permanent accommodation….I am dyyyyyyying to find out. Everyone is so anxious, we have like 3 people a day from my batch going to ask the induction team if they know what apartments we are getting placed in yet but they still have it under wraps 😦 finger crossed we find out tomorrow! Anywhooo I better get some rest so I don’t fall asleep during my exam tomorrow….wish me luck! xxxxx


Busiest woman alive

Why hello there followers!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been so flat out with training!
Started SEP (safety and emergency procedures) 2 weeks ago now and it’s been so full on ever since! I train from 12pm to 8.30pm Sunday through to Thursday, every night we have homework which is due the following morning and we have study on-top of that. So far I have had 3 exams and I’ve passed them all 🙂 so happy! The 1st one I got 100% so I was pretty stoaked with myself. I wasn’t the best at getting my work done at school so I kinda proved to myself that I AM capable of all the learning I have ahead of me! I can’t believe that at the end of this week I will have been here for a whole month, it’s crazy! Time has flown by so quickly. I have learnt so much it’s unbelievable how much info you can fit in your brain in such a small amount of time!
I finish my SEP training on Thursday after my last exam so me and the girl are going out on Friday to celebrate! Finger crossed I pass this exam too 🙂
My first night out we all went clubbing at The Atlantis…..it is unreal!!!!! The place is a full on arabian palace, words can’t even describe…I’ll post a photo.
I really am living the dream, room service cleaning my hotel room, changing my towels, making my bed…it’s so good when all you are thinking about it studying…even studying isn’t too bad when you’re doing by the pool…
Went to the Hardrock Cafe on Friday night with a few of the girls for a cocktails and dinner…we needed to got out of the hotel from studying even if it was only for a few hours… It was amazing! They had a band playing and the cocktails were too good, definitely going back there.
My mate Danielle from Ireland introduced me to this place called Cinnabon……OMG IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD! They make like cinnamon sweet pastries, chocolate, vanilla, you name it. And little cute baby cupcakes. It’s so good I’m addicted. I can see myself getting fat haha.
Il post a few pics of what I’ve been up to.
Holly xxxx20130902-004428.jpg20130902-005912.jpg